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Mite City League Pictures 
Sunday – November 20, 2016

For the 2016-2017 season, we are going to take off-ice pictures on the north end of the IcePlex Lobby.   Our photographer service will provide a background drop for all pictures.  All players should be in full gear except helmets.  Please bring hockey stick for picture and completed picture packet.


2:30pm-- Mite City League Kelly Green                     
Kelly Green Jersey

2:45pm-- Mite City League Maroon Team                      
Maroon Jersey

3:00pm-- Mite City League Forest Green Team      
Forest Green Jersey

3:15pm --Mite City League Red Team                                  
Red Jersey

3:30pm-- Mite City League White Team                              
White Jersey

3:45pm-- Mite City League Teal Team                                
Teal Jersey

4:00pm-- Mite City League Lt Blue Team                   
Light Blue Jersey

4:15pm --Mite City League Orange Team                        
Orange Jersey

4:30pm-- Mite City League Gray Team                                
Gray Jersey

4:45pm --Mite City League Royal Team                            
Royal Jersey

5:00pm --Mite City League Navy Team                                
Navy Jersey

5:15pm --Mite City League Gold Team                           
Gold Jersey



Cross Ice vs Full Ice

A cutting-edge NHL analytics team puts the test to youth hockey for the first time ever. Cross Ice vs Full Ice: Watch this video and see what you think.


The final Mite player assignments for Tier groups are listed above. 

The ice schedule for each Tier is noted in the document below.  Players are to attend the Tier group ice assignments starting the week of October 31st.  

IF you cannot find your players name on the Mite Tier listing, please contact Cherry Hunter at to confirm registration.

MIte City League Practice and
Sunday Game Scheudle

SFYHA is hosting 2016-2017 tournaments that may affect ice time on the following weekends.  These tournaments offer great hockey for our families to attend and enjoy, not to mention a great time to get your volunteer time taken care of. See DIBS for available spots.

  • Nov 11-13       Squirt Gold & PeeWee Gold Tournament (No schedule adjustments anticipated)
  • Nov 18-20       Girls 19U and Girls 12U Tournament 
  • Dec 16-18       Squirt A and Squirt B Tournament
  • Jan 6-8             PeeWee A and PeeWee B Tournament
  • Feb 11-12        Falls Freeze Mite Fest at Premier Center
  • Mar 3-5           SDAHA Girls Varsity Tournament

Mites News

Former Flyer Zeb Knutson
Flyer Zeb Knutson Russell Stovers
Team South Dakota U 16
Lady Flyers JV