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2013-2014 Board of Directors

Mark Arndt


Phone: 360-3039 PO Box 88738 Sioux Falls SD 57109

Bryan Kouri


Phone: 521-0718 (c) 6908 S Hendon Cir Sioux Falls SD 57108

Vince Jones

Past President

Cherry Hunter

Executive Assistant

Phone: 361-2444(h) 361-9836(Hockey Phone/Fax) 351-7042(c) 4235 W Mesa

Rebecca Anderson

Secretary / Risk Manager

Phone: 321-2894(c) 5112 S Briarwood Ave Sioux Falls SD 57108

Kyle Hanisch


Phone: 214-0432(c) 767-1096(h) 700 Tiger St. Harrisburg, SD 57032

Chuck Vockler

Director of Coaches

Phone: 310-2950(c) 5204 Sweetbriar Cir Sioux Falls SD 57108

Matt Althoff

Member at Large

Phone: 595-1612(c) 704 East 61st St Sioux Falls SD 57108

Brian Hefti

Travel League Director

Phone: 940-7941(c) 6801 W Strabane Tr Sioux Falls SD 57106

Chad Dykstra

House League Director

Phone: 261-4711(c) 528 N Menlo Ave Sioux Falls SD 57104

Travel League Program Advisory Council

Mindy Hansen

Squirt Travel League Manager

Phone: 351-6401(c) 317 Switch Grass Trail Brandon SD 57005

Jennifer Farah

PeeWee Travel League Manager

Phone: 359-7762(c) 605 E Plum Creek Rd Sioux Falls SD 57105

Jeff Hoekstra

Bantam Travel League Manager

Phone: 359-2584(c) 4809 S Plateau Tr Sioux Falls SD 57106

Ben Oien

Girls Travel League Manager

Phone: 376-3721(c) 274-6436 2301 S Holly Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Kirk Bloemendaal

High School League Manager

Phone: 271-8250(w) 261-9138(c) 371-1028(h) 1421 W Waterstone Dr. SF

House League Program Advisory Council

Curt & Jessica Hauff

Atom Supervisors

Phone: 201-6554(c) 201-6580(c) 330 Penny St Tea SD 57064

Need Volunteer

Squirt Rec League Supervisor

Brent & Joni Vaughn

Mite Travel League Managers

Phone: 323-9054(Brent cell) 323-9053(Joni cell) 7012 West 51st St SF SD 57106

Ann Lynch

Mite Rec League Supervisor

Phone: 214-7637(c) 7805 S Oakmont Pl Sioux Falls SD 57110

Todd & Judy Cheever


Phone: 582-7876(h) 951-6106(c) 508 N Oak Ridge Brandon SD 57005

Support Personnel

Cherry Hunter


Phone: 361-2444(h) 351-7042(c) Hockey Phone/Fax 361-9836

Chris Nelson

Equipment Manager

Phone: 261-7387(c) 4324 Arden Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Todd Mescher


Phone: 338-4520(h) 940-2375(c) 731-0413(w) 4317 Teakwood Ave. SF SD 57103

Paul Berndt

Web Master

Phone: 582-3189(h) 595-2525(c) 1007 Magnolia St. Brandon, SD 57005

Rhonda Anderson

Spiritwear Sales

Phone: 376-1078(c) 5205 S Sundowner Ave Sioux Falls SD 57106

Julie Becker

Volunteer System

Phone: 338-3493(h) 351-3714(c) 4308 S Lewis Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57103